Be a part of the only balloon academy in Civil Air Patrol. Join cadets from across the country as you learn about the safe  and fun operation of a hot air balloon. Enjoy an once in a lifetime chance to float above beautiful Mattoon Illinois at sunrise and sunset.

June 18-26 2021

***LOCATION CHANGE for 2021 to Camp Atterbury **

Cadets 14 and older can apply for the balloon section.

Cost- $800

**NEW** BALLOON CADETS WHO WISH TO SOLO MUST HAVE A STUDENT PILOT CERTIFICATE. This requires you to have a government issued photo ID such as a state ID card, passport, drivers license, this must be on you when you are flying solo.  It is highly recommended you obtain a student pilots certificate.

Areas of Operation
Introduction to Balloon Flight Training
Hot Air Balloon Design, System, and Theory
Weather Theory and Reports
National Airspace System
Preflight Preparation
Preflight Procedures
Airport Operations
Layout to Launch
In-flight and Performance Maneuvers
Landing and Recovery
Ground Regerence Maneuvers
Emergency Operations
Postflight Procedures
Private Perperation
Acceptable Aircraft
Personal Equipment
Personal Records